Screening of Battleground Everglades – Invasive Species


As part of the Speaking Sustainably Film Series, South Florida PBS (WPBT2 – WXEL) and the Deering Estate invite you to a complimentary reception and screening of the Battleground Everglades, War on Invasive Species, on February 27th at 7pm at the Deering Estate Visitor Center Theatre. Reception begins at 7pm with light snacks and beverages. The screening will begin at 7:30pm. Following the screening guests can participate in a Q&A with featured experts and the production crew. Event is free and open to the public.

7:00 PM Reception

7:30-8:00 PM Screening

8:00-8:30 PM Q & A with Host, Charles J. Kropke and Producers

About Battleground Everglades:

It has been said that “If we can save the Everglades, maybe we can save the planet.”

One can make the argument that there is no issue more important to South Florida, indeed to the nation and beyond, than our great natural resource, The Everglades.

But it is at risk. And there is a long history of strong and differing views on how to save it. Environmentalists, businesses , wildlife experts, state and federal governments and the people who live in this “sea of grass” have various and often differing approaches to the actions necessary.

South Florida PBS has taken the media lead to meet the challenge of saving the Everglades. Its 2015 documentary, “The Unseen Everglades” was called by former Undersecretary of the Interior Nathaniel Reed: “The single most important documentary ever made… on Everglades restoration; a priceless educational film.” And now, the same Emmy-Award winning production team has produced a series of 6 special programs, Battleground Everglades, which explores the maze of proposed solutions to the problems of the Everglades and zeroes in on its numerous facets which play a role in our lives.

Renowned Everglades expert Charles Kropke is author and host of the series. Kropke has spent more than 30 years researching the Everglades and knows its origins, its people, and its importance in a world of climate change.

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